Project Overview

The Wealth Bear project encompasses more than just the software wallet we have released and are upgrading constantly. The project has is of course centered around the software exclusively but has other components that give us value and utility. Below are explained our main parts of our project:

1. Wealth Bear Wallet

As alluded to above the Wealth Bear Wallet is the main part of our project. It is software that has been worked on for several months by 2 developers and has been released to the Google Chrome Extension store. This wallet software is made in a way that it is "trustless" meaning that though there is a software interface in javascript, this software just interacts with the BSC blockchain directly and does not route through our servers at all. Only some "feature" components in the software use a third party software such as Coingecko's API for pricing and charts. We will be adding new versions to this software with version changes in this documentation allowing you to see any bugs fixed and features added.

2. WLTH Token

The Wealth Token (WLTH) is an integral part of our ecosystem as a project. The token itself is featured prominently in our Wealth Bear software (though there is a way for you to un-list it if you are not using it). A large part of our marketing our project and getting our software wallet known by many in the crypto space will happen through the promotion of the WLTH Token. We are seeking wide distribution of Wealth Token to the BSC user-base and also see WLTH Token as a long-term storage option for peoples portfolios. We are considering to add staking contracts in the future to our wallet and WLTH Token would be the first to have this utility.

3. Token Voting Script

We are creating and releasing a token (coin vote) script similar to CoinSniper and other well known voting sites. These voting sites are on the cutting edge of marketing for projects these days and we are jumping right into this space with a cutting edge voting site. This will accomplish 2 things, help promote our own WLTH token but more importantly help promote and gain a bigger user-base for Wealth Bear Wallet itself. Of course the Token Voting site will benefit token projects looking to market themselves to a wider audience. We already have 3000+ tokens listed in our wallet and we will soon be mimicking this on our web interface with a voting system that has most of BSC tokens listed for vote.

4. Token Marketing

Though our biggest emphasis is and will be on the Crypto wallet and gaining a large user-base for it. We do want to help in some way projects who are listed to our wallet, to help them get more recognition for their projects. We are doing this through a few areas of crypto marketing that we are branding under our Wealth Bear name. The first and live marketing angle we have is a high ranking Karma profile on Reddit where we can post to some of the most viral and well known sub reddits with crypto investors. Namely r/CryptoMoonShots with over 1.6 million members! We will increase other areas of marketing over time and look forward to serving token projects.