Buying WLTH On PancakeSwap

In this tutorial we are going to show you how to buy Wealth Token ($WLTH) on PancakeSwap right from within our own WB wallet using WalletConnect technology.

Getting Started

WLTH token page
The fastest way to buy $WLTH would be to go to its token page in the Wealth Bear wallet and press on the 3 dots on the top right and click on the "Pancake Swap" link. This link will send you to the Graph page for WLTH on PancakeSwap.
WLTH token page on Pancake Swap
All you have to do next is press on the TRADE button on the top right on Pancake.
Swap page for WLTH Token
Now you will press the arrow button between the currencies so that WLTH will be on the bottom. Next choose for our example "CAKE" and in the popup select BNB which will give you a screen like this.
BNB/WLTH pair on Pancake
Now we are almost ready to trade BNB for WLTH.

Using Wallet Connect

Next you will press Connect Wallet up on the top right of the screen. And then you choose Wallet Connect on the popup which will give you a screen like this below:
Wallet Connect QR
Press the Copy to clipboard. And then press the X on the top right of that modal popup. Then leave that pancake swap window open and go back to the Wealth Bear Wallet and go to the home screen and Choose the blue Wallet Connect logo on the bottom of the wallet.
Wallet connect page in Wealth Bear
Now you simply paste in from the clipboard into that field and press CONNECT.
Approve screen for wallet connect
Click on the APPROVE button to connect via blockchain to pancake swap to your wallet remotely to authorize transactions. Now that you have done this stay on that wallet connect page and go back to Pancake Swap.

Swapping and Finalizing

Pancake swap page with wallet connected.
Now you will notice your wallet connected on the top right. Then simply choose how much BNB you want to spend to buy WLTH token. It will show your balance remotely and remember this is completely secure.
Once you are comfortable with the transaction you press on the SWAP button. This will trigger an event back in the Wealth Bear wallet asking you to confirm.
confirmation page in Wealth Bear
You simply now press CONFIRM in Wealth Bear and it will release the BNB to buy WLTH and within a few seconds you will get a confirmation both on pancake swap and Wealth Bear that the transaction has succeeded.
Wealth Bear homepage
Now you go back to your home page and see that you have some new WLTH tokens that came in. :) It is that simple and secure and the more you do it the faster you will get at it. Go ahead and buy some never letting assets leave your wallet!