Getting Started

By default 2 cryptocurrencies appear in the wallet: Binance Smart Chain (BNB) and Wealth Token (WLTH). You can de-select WLTH token on the token page but BNB stays always as default as it is the "gas" required to send any token on the chain.
example screen of a new wallet with small amount of currencies added.
The above picture shows the default settings of the wallet with a small amount of currency sent into both BNB and WLTH. You will notice a "tokens" button on the far bottom left this is what you need to press to add "new tokens."
WB Token Add Page
You will see on the Token Add page a listing of 3000+ Tokens available. You can search for any of these tokens via title or TICKER. For example you can search for "doge" to pull up any token related to that name.

Add A Token

The toggle switches green when you enable a token and it will immediately appear in your home page of tokens in your wallet. You can enable as many tokens as you want to.
All tokens come with official images pulled from CoinGecko.
Custom Token Page
If there is a BSC chain token that you want to add to the wallet but is not already listed on Wealth Bear, you can do that manually by selecting the ADD CUSTOM button on the top right that gives you a form to fill.
All you need to do is put in the official contract address for the BEP-20 Token from BSC Scan and our form will pull the rest of the information automatically and then press SAVE.
We are constantly adding new tokens so check back on the list.