Installing Wealth Bear

Probably the most important step with Wealth Bear is to install it properly. Which actually is not hard at all, the only main concern is to properly backup your seed phrase which is your password / key to your cryptocurrency on the actual blockchain
NOTE: If you lose your seed phrase there is no way for the Wealth Bear dev team to recover your funds. This is all completely in your hands, which is liberating but also dangerous, so carefully and slowly install Wealth Bear writing down your Seed Phrase perfectly.

Downloading Google Chrome

The first step to take is to ensure you are using Google Chrome. You will need to download this internet browser if you don't have it. That can be done simply and straightforward here:
Google Chrome download page automatically knows what OS you are on.
Wealth Bear works on most Windows, Mac and Linux machines. Basically any computer that Google Chrome supports.
Wealth Bear does not load on mobile devices only on desktop operating systems as currently chrome extensions are only supported on desktop instances of Google Chrome.

Installing Wealth Bear Extension

Next in Google Chrome browser you head over to the Chrome Web Store and search for "Wealth Bear" or click on this direct link:
There will appear an "install button" on the top right. In the screenshot below it shows the extension already installed and the ability to remove it.
Chrome store download page of Wealth Bear
Once its "installed" Wealth Bear will appear in your extensions in Chrome. You can access it by the puzzle-piece icon on the top right of your browser or by choosing Window menu >> Extensions.
NOTE: You can "pin" Wealth Bear icon to show permanently in your browser menu above (recommended). Just select the pin icon beside it and it turns blue.

Setting Seed Phrase and Password

Now once you select the Wealth Bear icon on the top right of your browser it will load a screen where you need to agree to the terms. Then you will be brought to a page like this below:
Seed Phrase creation page in WB
What you will want to do is copy down the above 12 words in order exactly as shown in the screen. Some people will "copy seed" with the button and copy the phrase to a text file on the computer which is file (maybe a file with all your other passwords).
Some people will write down the words in order on a piece of paper off-line! Personally I have usually done both because if your computer crashed or got stolen then you would lose your phrase and your funds. Having it on paper in a few secure places will ensure you will never lose your funds.
Some people vouch for only writing it on paper as the chances of your computer being hacked or someone finding your phrase is more higher. So if you are worried about securing your account then maybe just write the phrase on paper.
You will need to create a wallet password of any type, some people will just use a normal word they know, and others will make an encrypted password. If you want to ensure a very safe wallet then go to this Password Generator and select 16 or higher in the drop down.
IMPORTANT: If you lost your password for your wallet you can always start a new wallet with your seed phrase. If you lose your "seed phrase" you will never be able to restore your funds if your computer was lost even if you had the password. So the password is important but the seed phrase is much more critical.
Once you have done both the steps above then press the CREATE WALLET button and your wallet will load! It's that simple and secure.