Overview Of Token Section

In this tutorial we are going to go over the basic wallet token page and learn all that is involved with it. We are going to use the token: "Green Shiba Inu" GINUX as an example in this tutorial. This is definitely not financial advice, we randomly selected this token.
Green Shiba Inu on homepage of WB
We will start on the homepage of Wealth Bear wallet and go ahead and click anywhere over the Green Shiba Inu name, logo or price. You will notice when you roll over any asset that the background gives an effect letting you know you are selecting that token. Once you click on it you will see a new token screen.

Default Token Screen View

Default Token view
You will notice right away there is a price chart, it should be noted that these price charts and pulled from Coingecko and if the asset is not listed on that platform there will be no visual price chart showing on its page.
The price chart can be switched between day, 1 week, 1 month or 1 year view. It's pretty clean and nice to look at and gives you a sense of where the token has been and where its going right away.
There is a home button at the top that will get you back to the main wallet page. And you will notice an highlighted orange rounded box that gives you the exact amount of tokens you have.
On the far right there are 3 dots, we will explore that.

Digging Deeper

extra options on the token page
You will notice when you click on the 3 dots a menu comes down with options to click for BSCScan, Pancake Swap and Poocoin Charts. We are looking to update this menu with more excellent research tools to help you make decisions on assets.
We will click on the pancake swap in this tutorial and buy some GINUX quickly and show a balance to help for our next steps.

GINUX Rich! Well not Really

GINUX tokens purchased
It just took me 30 seconds and I bought some GINUX tokens directly from the Wealth Bear wallet using pancake swap. Now I have 2 options for this token I can "RECIEVE" or SEND.
copy address popup
You will notice when you press the RECEIVE button that a popup box happens and you simply press on the copy button and it copies the address that you can receive GINUX to. Also there is a qr code so people who have mobile devices can scan it and send GINUX to you.

Sending Tokens

To send GINUX to another person is simple and fast on Wealth Bear. Just press on the SEND button.
Sending Token Screen
You can see clearly on every sending screen the logo of the token you are sending appears at the top so there are no mistakes or confusion of what you are sending. Secondly the total amount of GINUX appears in a brown box, if you press that box it will put the total amount of GINUX into the "amount" field therefore sending ALL.
The gas fee is in BNB as we are on the BSC main chain. It always defaults to 5 Gwei which in this example is 0.00200058 BNB and is the lowest you can go. You can manually set the gas higher or lower with the arrows beside it and for ease of use, you can press on the lightning button which will turn the SEND button into a SEND FAST button and increase the Gwei usually about 3 GWEI higher.
NOTE: On the Binance Smart Chain 5 GWEI is currently set as the standard lowest gas fee which very quickly moves assets around. The fast sending method is more for situations where you want immediate sending and perhaps you are sending a very large amount of currency and want to ensure it gets there.
Once you press the send button it will only take 1-2 seconds and a confirmation will show that you submitted the transaction.

BSC Scan and Confirmations

confirmation of transaction
You will notice at first after you send that the amount will show in an orange box, and then once the transaction is CONFIRMED it will turn green. This happens within usually just a few seconds.
And you will see a permanent history of all your "sent" transactions here that will be browsable. And if you click on the green box it will link you to BSC Scan to see the actual transaction. If need in the settings you can clear token transaction history if you wanted to for privacy and other reasons.
REMEMBER: All transactions are yours and our development team at Wealth Bear have no control to fix a wrongly sent token. Our wallet is trustless and is simply a way to interact with the blockchain with no 3rd party servers, our software is a trustless intermediary. Send and move tokens with caution making sure you are dealing with the right address and contract addresses.