Wallet Recovery Phrase

A very important part of the wallet is the recovery phrase. This is actually your main Password for your funds. Without it you will lose all your funds if your device is lost or broken. The Phrase is interchangeable in different software such as Trust wallet so you can use it to check your crypto funds at any point on a different device.
NOTE: It is very important to write down your phrase on paper or digitally but remember if someone gets this phrase they can simply re-create your wallet without your additional password and take your crypto currencies. So keep the phrase confidential and safe.
Your phrase will first appear when you create a new wallet as per below.
Initial seed phrase in Wealth Bear
Now once you have a wallet and for instance you lost your seed phrase but needed to recover it and write it down again or copy it there is a step to do this. You first press the Settings button on the home page on the lower right.
That will take you to this settings menu where you select: SHOW RECOVERY PHRASE
Settings menu page on Wealth Bear
Once you select this option you will be prompted to write in your additional security password that you setup when you first made your wallet. Type in your password (case-sensitive) and then press the "show Seed Phrase" button.
Enter password to show seed phrase
And then the Seed Phrase will appear with an option to press COPY to copy it to a digital file somewhere on your device.
Export seed Phrase page in Wealth Bear
EXPERT TIP: If you lost your additional security password or lost your device, you can simply start a new wallet by choosing "restore wallet" button option when you start Wealth Bear, or in the settings. This will let you simply with your Seed Phrase to restart your wallet again and see your funds.